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"One thing became clear to us from his ministry to three different groups this summer: As a convert from Islam to following Jesus as Lord and Savior, one significant component of Joseph’s ministry here in the USA will be to help Christians understand Islam and also know how to relate to Muslims. He will continue to connect with and minister to other Africans who are here in the US, but will be adding this new focus to his ministry here. There is a tremendous need for American Christians to understand how to relate to Muslims in a healthy and godly way, rather than being naïve or reacting in fear and anger. We have started working on something that Joseph and I plan to do together, in a seminar and possibly in a book.  Tentatively, we are calling it Neither Naïve Nor Fearful: How a Healthy Christian Relates to Islam and to Muslims. We are excited about the possibilities! Through the generosity of many of you and from honorariums from ministry this summer, we have been able to cover the costs of their travel to and from the USA, and have been able to pay Joseph $1,000 per month while they have been here.  As we outlined in a previous letter, their status as permanent residents with green cards enabled us to put Joseph on staff as a part-time church Development consultant.  Our goal is to be able to continue this level of support year round to support their ministry both here and in Nigeria. They were blessed to be able to go home with a significant contribution to support their work there, especially the TV / Internet weekly program “Family Focus.” The program can be watched at 2:00 pm on Sundays by downloading the Dove TV app. Past programs can be accessed at www.christassemblynigeria.com .  Thank you all so much for your continuing support of Joseph and Christie over the years. As a reminder, your contributions for the Ali’s ministry should be made out to Radical Restoration Ministries, LLC.