Fulfilling the Great Commission as depicted in Matthew 28:19 is important to us at Radiant. “ ... Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you. And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age.” 

Local and International mission work is at the heart of Radiant. We have teams visiting Nicaragua and Uganda annually, ministering to the needs of communities, sponsoring children, and building relationships. Locally we support ministries in the inner city and the local food shelves through our Community Garden. 

Here is a list of the missionaries and mission organizations to which we send monthly support.  Our mission funds come directly from the people of Radiant through an annual pledge drive; we feel that this process provides a clear connection between the people of Radiant and missions.

Mission Partners 


Joseph and Christie Ali

As a convert from Islam to following Jesus as Lord and Savior, one significant component of Joseph Ali's ministry here in the USA will be to help Christians understand Islam and also know how to relate to Muslims.


Matt & Eva Barlow

Matt Barlow is Deaf and, with signing and his wife as interpreter, their goal is to bring educational opportunities to deaf Nicaraguan children by establishing schools for them.


Len & Deb Bartlotti

Leonard N. (Len) Bartlotti, Ph.D. is a lecturer, author, mobilizer, educator and strategy consultant to faith-based organizations. He and his wife Debi served 14 years among one of the largest Muslim people groups in the world.


Cecil & Ginny Campbell

Cecil and Ginny Campbell have been involved in ministry in Nicaragua since 1988 when they took their first mission trip to the country.  They were immediately touched and impacted by the faith and heart of the people of Nicaragua.  At that time, Nicaragua was the poorest country in the western hemisphere.


Musoke & Pauline Godfrey

Pastor Musoke Godfrey and his wife Pauline are the hands and feet on the ground for Dragonfly Mission International. Together they facilitate feeding programs for widows and tuition sponsorship programs for orphans in Jinja, Uganda, one of the poorest villages in the country. 


Karl Hinkle

God has turned Karl's desire to sing into the ministry he now has for Him. His mission has been to travel from church to church, regardless of denomination, sharing God's message in song and word. He has personally ministered to more than 400,000 people throughout the Midwest of America, England, Ireland, Belgium and Nicaragua.

Doug & Sandy Ehrgott


Partner Organizations


Christ Community Church
World Missions: Jamaica

Christ Community World Missions networks with other missions-minded churches to reach out to our present-day world. We encourage one another. We pray for one another. And we seek to always remember that the Body of Christ is 'One Church of Many Living Stones.' 



Inner city church in Indianapolis serving others by providing spiritual, physical, and emotional assistance to the lost and hurting people of our city while living lives that demonstrate a devotion to Jesus Christ.


Cornelius Foundation

The Cornelius Foundation International is a faith-based educational children's organization serving students, teachers, and parents in under-resourced areas of Belize, Mexico, and beyond. Current projects include school lunch programs and the distribution of school supplies, uniforms, text books, clothing, shoes, and teaching materials. 


Mark II Ministries

Mark 2 Ministries exists to encourage and equip the local church to evangelize, disciple, and integrate into their congregation individuals with disabilities.


Nicaragua Resource Network

Given the scope of possibilities and the tremendous number of needs and opportunities in Nicaragua, it became imperative to make some choices and to focus our efforts there. After much prayer and consideration, NRN partnered with three pastors and their ministries in Nicaragua – Oscar Cruz, Belcer Gonzales and Ramiro Blandon.


Open Doors

Open Doors of Westfield Washington Township, Inc. is a Faith Based non-profit organization with a board of directors comprised of officers, representatives from numerous local churches and local citizens. All that we do is done by volunteers only. All material donations and cash go directly to needs of people in our community. Because of the volunteers and donations - our overhead is less than 3%.