Partnership at Radiant

Partnership is a value that we hold as vital to the life of our church.  Paul used the word partnership when writing to the church at Philippi. (Phil. 1:3—5)

“I thank my God in all remembrance of you…for your PARTNERSHIP IN THE GOSPEL from the first day until now. (NASB, emphasis added)


The body of Christ:

Many members/one purpose

Our concept of partnership is that all people who embrace RCL as their church have a role to play in making this faith community a healthy and effective local expression of the body of Christ.  Above all, to those who visit, attend, and commit to Radiant, we want to extend God’s love and grace which are freely given to all who receive Him.  Personal discipleship and the mission of a church are a partnership between individuals and the faith community to which they belong.

Why a class to explore partnership?

·         To help you better understand RCL and, therefore, determine if this is a church you can commit to.

·         To give you opportunities to examine ways to partner with us at RCL, forging a path that enables all of us to follow and serve Jesus Christ together.

We believe it is important for you to know our history, our mission, our vision, our tenets of faith, and our core values, so you can begin to discover ways to partner with us.  Through this four-session class, you will be given information from instructors, encouraged to participate in group discussions, and challenged to practice the values highlighted.

Four Chapters

Our History / Emphasis on God’s Grace

Expressions of Worship

Family Life

Kingdom / Grace extended

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