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I cannot remember a time in my life when singing was not my passion. I began playing in garage bands at the age of eleven, and continued to dedicate myself to music and performing throughout my high school years. I knew this was my best area of expression and I loved it... still do!

After graduation, all my dreams seemed to fall together. I joined a band called the Wright Brothers. We enjoyed a successful career performing from coast to coast, including appearances on Hee Haw, The Today Show, and the Grand Ole Opry. We had a recording contract with Warner Brothers and singles in the Top 40... what more could I ask?

During this time, I came face to face with the claims of Jesus Christ. My life and my attitudes started to change, however, there was something standing in my path. Over a ten year period, I had developed an addiction to prescription drugs for a back problem. I tried to handle it myself, but was unsuccessful and when I finally hit bottom, the doctors advised me I would need hospitalization to kick the habit. But in a desperate cry to the Lord, He miraculously healed me of this addiction that had held me in bondage for a decade!

God has turned my desire to sing into the ministry I now have for Him. My mission has been to travel from church to church, regardless of denomination, sharing God's message in song and word. I have personally ministered to more than 400,000 people throughout the Midwest of America, England, Ireland, Belgium and Nicaragua.

The message God wants me to convey is that, in the midst of all the choices the world offers us, we must keep our focus on Jesus Christ. He is The Way, The Truth and The Life.

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