Musoke & Pauline Godfrey


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Dragonfly Mission International

Jinja, Uganda

Pastor Musoke Godfrey and his wife Pauline are our hands and feet on the ground in Jinja, Uganda.Together they facilitate our feeding programs for widows and tuition sponsorship programs for orphans in one of the poorest villages in the country. Dragonfly Mission International is an Indiana based missions organization serving a small community of widows and their families in Jinja. Started in 2008 by Kathy Cernero, DMI has partnered with a local Jinja pastor, Musoke Godfrey, and his family. We seek a holistic family approach providing monthly food, school fees, and garden plots to families effected by the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Uganda. Our mission evolved organically. During some of our earliest trips to Jinja we recognized that many of those effected by HIV were denied essential medicines due in part to poor nutrition. The realization spawned our feeding program which now provides 22 families with supplemental food supplies each month. In addition, our teams recognized that many of our widows regularly spent the little income their families earned ensuring their children could receive proper education. In the spirit of providing a "holistic family" service, we offer school sponsorships to all children whose family is provided for in the feeding program. Some 50 children our currently sponsored by individuals and families in the network and many more need our help.  To learn more visit their web site:

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