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Nicaragua Resource Network

Managua, Nicaragua

Cecil and Ginny Campbell have been involved in ministry in Nicaragua since 1988 whenthey took their first mission trip to the country.  They were immediately touched and impacted by the faith and heart of the people of Nicaragua.  At that time, Nicaragua was the poorest country in the western hemisphere.

God called them to volunteer their time, energy and resources in increasing measure – serving the poor through the local churches and pastors in Nicaragua.  In 2002, they became full time volunteers with Nicaragua Resource Network (NRN), initially using their own resources and then eventually being fully funded by a variety of individuals and churches.

The Campbells currently work with the Nicaraguan pastors and churches associated with NRN, helping to guide the many activities which address the spiritual, physical and educational needs of the local people.  They also assist in the education and coordination of the many mission teams which make their way to Nicaragua through theNRN network.

To quote Ginny & Cecil:  "Serving the poor in Nicaragua is our passion, a call that God has placed on our lives, and certainly has become the cornerstone of all that we are and all that we do.”